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Gabriel Golczer:

USB Biology Alumnus (Undergraduate degree 2008, Masters degree 2012). Currently a PhD candidate at Tufts University (Massachusetts, USA). During his studies at USB he was involved in several activities that involved contributing to the USB as an organization, e.g. Student Representative in the Superior Council, Student and later Alumni Representative on the Student Development Foundation, President of the Biology Student Union, among others. As an Alumnus he continued to donate his time to support USB activities for 6 years as part of the Board of Directors of the Alumni Association based in Venezuela. Because of his Doctoral studies his efforts to continue to contribute to the USB have diminished, but have been focused on getting the AlumnUSB project from the ground up.

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Millalí Marcano:

Millalí is a project engineer and retail entrepreneur with experience in IT project management, corporate sustainability, market research and new product and business development. Millalí currently works for Sustainable Minds, a software and services company located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She oversees the development of new products and manages environmental and material transparency reporting projects that involves life cycle assessment (LCA) and material health evaluations, serving the green building industry. Millali is a USB Materials Engineering Alumna and holds a masters degree in Engineering Management from Tufts University.

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Ariagne Veronelli:

Ariagne is a USB Material Engineering Alumna, graduated in 2008.  Currently she is a CRM administrator and Executive Assistant in OptimizeRx Corporation, a software company specialized in health services located in Cambridge Massachusetts. Her career includes CRM implementation, strategic development, technology and sales engineering, corporate finance, and construction. During her time in USB, she was part of the Surface Engineering Lab and Petroleum Microbiology Lab. She always had the desire to help the students in Venezuela and she helped founding AlumnUSB, where she is actively working in growing the organization and spreading the quality and values of its alumni and the institution.

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Gabriela Rodriguez:

UUSB Biology Alumna (2013). Gabriela is currently working as a Laboratory and Facilities Technician at Indigo Agriculture, a science-based organization focused on innovations derived from nature and motivated to maximize the potential of Agriculture, located in Boston, MA, USA. She was part of the CIU program. As a student she was part of the Choral Society, she was the Secretary of The Biology Student Union and she was a Student Representative in the Biology Department for two consecutive periods. During her last year of College Gabriela obtained a Diploma in Management and Leadership, from a program that was part of the USB Extension Department. Gabriela has been working on getting AlumnUSB since the beginning.

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Isaac Alexander Chaim:

Alex is currently a PhD student in the department of Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His work consists on developing methods to measure DNA repair capacity in an effort to prevent and treat cancer. He is a USB Biology Alumnus, having graduated in 2008. During his studies at USB he was a very active student representative as a Vice-President of the Biology Student Union and as a Students’ Representative at the Biology Faculty Council. Since his move to the US to start his doctoral studies he has always sought for ways to stay in touch with his alma mater, more recently helping to start this amazing initiative, Alumnusb.

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