AlumnUSB had a meeting with the President of MIT, Professor Rafael Reif.

alex y reifLast week our Director Isac Chaim (USB Biology 08 and MIT Bioengineering PhD 16) was received in the office of Professor Reif for a private meeting.

Chaim explained the precarious situation that Venezuelan univiersities are enduring and how AlumnUSB working from Boston has created networks of alumni all over the world to support our Alma Mater, the Universidad Simon Bolivar. He also shared the success that we had with our two first projects, the donation of 17 video-projectors and the crowdfunding for parts to repair the Litoral Campus AC’s. Reif showed his willing to support the efforts in AlumnUSB to help the Universidad Simon Bolivar.

At the end of the meeting, Chaim gave as a gift to Reif a cap with the logos of AlumnUSB and the Universidad Simon Bolivar as a token of appreciation (see picture). If you want to purchase products with the logo of the USB and help it in the process, you can visit our on-line store at:

Again, Venezuelans living abroad show their commitment with their country and the institutions that were part in their professional development.

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