Miren Jugo

Miren Jugo Viloria

Malaga Ambassador

Graduated in Materials Engineering in 2011 (Cohort 05). She went to the north of Spain to continue her studies with a Master in Applied Chemistry and Polymeric Materials, following a PhD in elastomeric materials in Michelin in the south of France. During her studies in the USB, she was vicepresident of the Material Engineering Student Union in 2009 and vicepresident of the Association of Students of Material Engineering the following year. During her time in France she joined AlumnUSB and became Nice’s ambassador.

In 2017 she, her husband an her family decided to open their family business in Spain, a company in maritime services. As there was no ambassador in Malaga, Spain where she moved, the decision to continue being an AlumnUSB ambassador, now there, was very easy to take. Now, she travels all around Europe and Africa working for her family business.

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Malaga, Spain

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My university was my home for over 5 years, and thanks to the USB I became what I am today. I think there are not enough ways to return everything I owe to her! It is in our hands to help her during these difficult moments.

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