Paola Da Silva

Paola Da Silva

Barcelona Ambassador

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering in 2018, Paola went through several programs related to equal opportunity, offered by the university. Before formally beginning her studies in engineering, she attended the “Programa de Igualdad de Oportunidades (PIO)”to prepare for the admission test and after that she did the course “Ciclo de Iniciación Universitaria (CIU)” for one year. During her studies, she was part of the student organization AJE (Asociación de Jóvenes Empresarios) and she worked as Project Manager. She also worked for the Public Relations Department of the University as Protocol staff.
Currently, she is living in Barcelona. She works as a Software Test Analyst in a multinational company and she has the growing desire to help her University.

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Barcelona, Spain

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As an Engineer, I characterize myself as analytical, objective and creative. I am a proactive person who likes to work in a team with great communication skills. I like to be part of problem solving and decision making.

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