Classical thermodynamics of fluid systems: Principles and applications


Autor(es): Juan H. Vera, Grazyna Wilczek-Vera
Programa/Carrera que lo utilizaria: Pregrado y postgrados en Ingeniería Química
Un libro nuevo que estará a la venta a partir del 6/12/2016. Sería una referencia muy útil para las asignaturas de Termodinámica II y III (pregrado en Ingeniería Química), y Termodinámica Avanzada (postgrado en Ingeniería Química), y posiblemente también para los cursos de Físicoquímica (Licenciatura en Química). Recomendado por nuestro Profesor Emérito Claudio Olivera: “The book is written in an unfussy and approachable style. Concepts are clearly explained, equations do not pop out of thin air, and careful distinction is made between the proven principles and formal structure of classical thermodynamics and the tentative and possibly transient theories and models of fluid behavior. These subjects are of course covered in many textbooks on thermodynamics, but the strongest contribution of this new book is found in its later sections, which deal with special topics and contain illuminating and up to date accounts of subjects such as the statistical thermodynamic basis of solution models, and the behavior of ions in electrolyte solutions, where the authors allow their research expertise to come to the fore. Finally, some very useful appendices explain the practical use of several specific models for gaseous and liquid mixtures, including extensive tables of the necessary fluid-specific parameters. (*)Throughout it all, the authors' absolute command and indeed love of their subject shines forth, and their many original contributions to the field are presented in lucid and unassuming fashion. This is a most enjoyable book, warmly recommended.”

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