Alba Marina Malave

Heildelberg, Germany

Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2011, (Cohorte 06). She began his career as a maintenance management intern of the SIGEMA project (FUNINDES-USB) for Polar Commercial Food, Maracay Plant in the

Alessandra D’Alessandria

Aberdeen, UK

Graduated in Geophysical Engineering in 2001 (cohort 96). Currently, I work as Geophysicist Development for the Repsol Sinopec Resources UK joint venture in Aberdeen, Scotland. During my career I work

Amanda Mazzei

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graduated in Electronic Engineering in 2010, Cohort 05. She was Academic Delegate of the Electronic Engineering Student Union, and Student Representative before the Electronic Engineering Advisory Cou

Angel Grimalt

Santiago, Chile

Angel got his degree in Production Engineer (2008). He was a volunteer teacher for Grupo Escalera guiding applicants to the USB through their admission test and he studied for a year at Lund Universit

Antonio Capezza

Stockholm, Sweden

Graduated from the USB in Materials Engineering (Card 10 - Graduated in 2016). He is currently a PhD candidate at The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU - Alnarp, Sweden) in conjunction

Armstrong Santana

Paris, France

He began his studies in Sartenejas in 2005 and graduated as T.S.U. Hotel Management to immediately continue their studies and obtain a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. He was part of

Carlos Contreras

Edmonton, Canada

He currently lives in Edmonton (Canada) working on independent projects. Carlos is Cohorte 03, graduated in Applied Mathematics in 2009 and Masters in Mathematics in 2012. He participated in the USB i

Carolina Torres

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bachelor in Biology, cohort 04. She was a member of the Student Development Support Group (GADE), being a facilitator from 2005 to 2008. Member of Muga: Venezuelan Traditional Dance Group and instruct

Evelyn Ojeda

Ciudad de México

Evelyn Ojeda is an active member of the AlumnUSB ambassadors' team, currently leading the initiative in Mexico City. She is a Production Engineer, graduated in the year 2013 and was President of

Hilmar Castro

Panama City

Graduated in Applied Mathematics (Cohort 90) graduated in 96. Master in Mathematics of the USB and Profesor of our Alma Mater from 1997 to 2010. Since 2010 she lives in Panama where she teaches in the

Jose Iskandar

Bogota, Colombia

I am a proud and happy graduate Uesebista <em>nuevesaurio</em> (97) Materials Engineer. Living in Bogota. Gastro-traveler, amateur cook, and sunset addict.

Jose Velasquez


Jose received his undergraduate degree in Electronics Engineering (Cohort 05) from Universidad Simon Bolivar in February 2011 and then received his Master degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Karem Court


Karem received her degree in chemical engineering in 2007. She did her master and PhD in chemical engineering in the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez. Currently, she is a postdoctoral fellow in MD A

Karla Gorrin

Montreal, Canada

Materials Engineer, Metalworking Specialist, student ID 98! My compromise with the Simon Bolivar University (USB) started on my very first day as a student. During my path in the USB, I was part of t

Lino Rivolta

Costa Rica

He started at USB on 2002 (cohort 02), Materials Engineer, major in metallurgy, and Master in Business Administration with postgraduate studies in Management of Market-Oriented Innovation. Lino has st

Luis Rosas

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Luis received his Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from the Simon Bolívar University in 1996, and Master of Business Administration from the University of Connecticut, USA in 2002. He is also a Pro

Mariangel Berroteran

Edmonton, Canada

Mariangel started her studies in 2005 (Cohort 05), graduated in Materials Engineering in 2011 and, later, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. During her undergraduate studies, she became invo

Paola Da Silva

Barcelona, Spain

Paola Da Silva is a Mechanical Engineer, before starting her program at the university she participated in the "Equal Opportunities Program (PIO)" that the university offers. After this, he

Valentina Sojo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bachelor of Applied Mathematics (Cohort 02). Participated in the Student Directory and later for two years in the Mathematics Student Union, getting to the position of President. During her studies at