What is #UnCafexUSB?

The tag translates from Spanish to “one coffee for USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar). The concept comes from the idea that every USB alumnus living outside Venezuela can donate the equivalent of the cost of a coffee on the street in a monthly or weekly basis, enabling us to fund projects to improve all the USB current deficiencies.

Is one "Coffee" enough?

You always can donate more, and there are many programs to select from. An average of 20$ a month made by 5 out of 10 USB alumni living outside Venezuela can generate $US 1,000,000 / year!

Donate to one of our Programs!

Donate a Book to the USB Library

Make a Monthly Donation for General Purposes!

We will use this monthly donation to allocate funds for programs or projects near to completion. Click here!

#UnCafexUSB Meetings

Because most people don’t drink coffee alone, and collaboration and networking are important for professionals, we coordinate the organizations of meetings around the globe on a periodic basis for alumni and Venezuelans to meet, network and exchange ideas. Most of the time other beverages are involved.
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Upcoming #UnCafexUSB Meetings

Where #UnCafexUSB meetings have been held