About Our Work

What is AlumnUSB?

AlumnUSB (Universidad Simon Bolivar Alumni Association of America, Inc.) is a non-profit corporation that provides a platform for USB Alumni living outside Venezuela to connect and support their Alma Mater. You can check out our approved articles of incorporation here.

We have 501(c)(3) approved charity status by the IRS, and you can check our determination letter here. This status means that your donation can be deducted from your Gross Income subjected to Federal Tax. For more information, ask your accountant on how to reflect your donations on your tax forms.

We have gained recognition by the Universidad Simon Bolivar authorities, management, students, faculty and staff community. Since November 2015 we have raised funds and donated equipment, books, and created scholarships and teaching awards.

Mission and vision

Mission: To become the main donation channel of the Universidad Simon Bolivar (USB) across the globe and the main networking promoter between USB alumni, universities, and private organizations based in the United States. All of the above with the goal of improving educational activities held in the USB.

Vision: To provide the USB with enough support from its Alumni, and organizations in the United States in order to fulfill its academic goals.

  • To create a network of USB (Universidad Simon Bolivar) alumni in the United States and worldwide
  • To aid the USB in their strategic goals by any means within the manners specified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and federal laws
  • To foster relations between USB and American universities in the pursuit of higher knowledge by means of joint projects with them and by exchanging information, students and faculty, whenever possible
  • To create liaisons with private sector organizations within the United States that deal with education and related matters

Why are we doing it?

Public Universities in Venezuela rely on government funding for 95% of their income, funding that has been decreasing since the early 2000’s. It is time for Venezuelan universities to seek new funding sources. In the meantime alumni, especially those living abroad can build networks to stand by their Alma Mater by providing financial support, supply materials or equipment to improve teaching activities, ensuring that the quality of education doesn’t decrease due to the intense economic, political, and social crisis that is hurting Venezuela.

Although many organizations based in Venezuela have tried to help the USB, their impact has diminished due mainly to the Venezuelan socio-economic crisis. Using a non-profit organization platform based in the United States, donations will not be restricted to individuals, but large groups or companies will also be able to donate without the restrictions now in place in Venezuela, thereby increasing the positive impact on teaching activities at the USB.