Mariangel Berroteran

Mariangel Berroteran

Edmonton Ambassador

Mariangel started her studies in 2005 (Cohort 05), graduated in Materials Engineering in 2011 and, later, a Masters in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. During her undergraduate studies, she became involved in various activities within the USB as the Center for Engineering Students Of Materials (CEIM) in 2008 and in the group of dances MUGA USB. She was also an administrative trainer at the USB Polymer Group. During her postgraduate studies, she served as Academic Assistant for the Department of Mechanics and Research Assistant at the Biomechanics Group. Outside the USB, she has worked in the area of Product Design and Development in engineering companies dedicated to the manufacture of products. She is currently working as a Project Manager in a 3D printing company.

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Edmonton, Canada

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I am a social person who loves sharing with others, especially when there are common interests. Being an ambassador for AlumnUSB has brought the opportunity to connect with people in a more meaningful way and, at the same time, get the chance to create a great community in the city where I live.

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